Any Scholars suggestions?

Does anyone known any scholars that are like or at least are studying the same thing as NT Wright? Ive been listening and reading him recently and i really liked him.i think he is a historian scholar on the New Testament? So does anyone here knows any similar scholar on the matter? Thanks and God bless

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Douglas Jacoby does some great stuff. He’s actually my favorite theologian.

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N. T. Wright is fairly prolific. What area interests you? New Perspective? Historical Jesus? New Creation?

He and Michael Bird (people around here know I am a fan) just teamed up to write a seminary textbook that I have heard good things about.

Esau McCaulley studied under Wright at St. Andrews and writes about Pauline theology.

Ben Witherington writes on similar themes as N. T. Wright and their scholarship is often in dialogue with one another, though they don’t always agree.


Mostly historical stuff on the new testament.

You should check out that textbook then. Its called The New Testament and Its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians.


Will do Christy thanks. Is this from the other scholar you mentioned or NT Wright? Or maybe a combination of both?Also i checked the link and it states its not out yet for purchase. What date does it come out may i ask? I cant seem to find it

It’s co-written. That’s weird because it’s definitely for sale in the US, it came out in 2019, and the link would let me buy either the Kindle or hardcover. You can get it at Christian Book half off.

I heard on interview with Michael Bird about it on OnScript:

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Larry Hurtado
Richard Bauckham
Craig Keener
Dale Allison Jr.
John P. Meier
Martin Hengel
Craig A. Evans
James D. G. Dunn
Michael R. Licona


Thanks Christy for the second link. For some readon it wont let me but it on amazon as it tells me the book is not out yet. Ohhg well christianbooks has it much cheaper so is a win for me :grinning:

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I’m not sure whether you’re interested in biblical archaeology and its relationship to biblical texts, but if you are, this is a great website with a long backlist of interesting, easy to read articles:

You need a paid subscription to access most of the site, but they’re offering some good deals at the moment because of coronavirus. I recently succumbed and signed up for an all-access pass. (In the past, I just bought the Biblical Archeology Review magazine.)

It was this website that gave me a heads-up about the Wright and Bird textbook @Christy has recommended. It’s almost 1,000 pages long, so it should keep you busy for a while.


There is also a video that goes along with it you can get that looks interesting for a study group. It is a monster book and I have only gone through the first 50 pages or so, but looks good so far.

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