Any experiance with "The Adventum"?

Has anyone listened through any of “The Adventum Audio Adventure” or newer “Jonathan Park” series produced by Wise King Media? They were recommended to me, and on the surface The Adventum sounds like a great dramatization of the Bible for my little kids, and the newer Jonathan Park sounds like it deals with Bible-times events and near-east archeology. Perhaps after some financial difficulty they are aiming for a wider Christian audience. My concern is that the original Jonathan Park was primarily an anti-evolution vehicle that was attached to the ICR with involvement from Vison Forum.

My kids are just getting to the age where they can consume more than my wife and I can fully review ahead of time, but still young enough that we want to be careful. And recommendations come from people we generally agree with, but have some differences, so it’s delicate, but I don’t want to be uninformed.

Is the new production company a different group of more ecumenical people and are their recent products palatable?

Good question… I’ve never heard of them before, but I did notice that the “What we believe” section on their website has this:

Creation: We believe that God created the entire universe “ex-nihilo” (out of nothing) in 6 literal days, and that the plain reading of Genesis constitutes a historically and factually accurate account of creation.

Even my conservative church that uses AIG curriculum doesn’t have anything about “6 literal days” in their statement of faith, so that would make me think it’s probably going to be considered a “nonnegotiable.”

I wonder whether anyone in the @Homeschool_Forum has experience with listening to either of these programs?

I would stay far away from Jonathan Park. In my experience, even when those groups don’t get into creation science, they do things like change the dates for the Egyptian pyramids to fit their ideas of when the Flood happened. And they tend to treat all archaeology as a “big fact checking the Bible” exercise.

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