Answers in Genesis: What motivates N.T. Wright? I asked him. ;)

(Ian Panth) #1

I was writing a blog post responding to the misrepresentation of N.T. Wright in a recent Answers in Genesis article by Simon Turpin, a UK spokesperson for AiG.

As I was suggesting the problem of reducing anyone’s motivations to a single motivation, I thought I should just ask Wright what his motivations are.

He graciously took the time to respond.

So, I will pose similar questions to you;
What motivates Biologos participants to engage in this type of discussion?
What motivated you to accept the theory of evolution?


The evidence

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #3
  1. I was raised in the faith by people who really believed that “all truth is God’s truth.”
  2. I found the evidence in favor of modification by descent to be massive, diverse, beautifully harmonious, and entirely convincing.
  3. With time and study, I found scholars who helped me discover faithful, honest, ancient readings of Genesis that did not conflict with current scientific consensus.
  4. I witnessed the lives of committed brothers and sisters in Christ who had embraced evolutionary theory and not let go of their faith in Christ.

Points #3 and #4 are important. Without them, I would have either remained a fundamentalist with profound cognitive dissonance or simply left the faith altogether.

(Christy Hemphill) #4

This. And the fact that some of those brothers and sisters had PhDs in relevant fields like geology and biology and physics. I think for most people it comes down to who you trust.

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