Another review of Jeanson's Traced

A while back there was interest in critique of YEC Nathaniel Jeanson’s book Traced which purports to use genetic evidence to make the case that there is a family tree for all of humanity that fits with the young earth flood model.

This review by a Rutgers biology professor Dan Cardinale was recommended by scientists in another forum. So if you have been following this development in “creation science” you might want to know it’s out there.


Good review, explains the problems with it well.

I don’t remember if Joel Duff’s podcast has been mentioned, but he goes over the book very carefully.


The trunk of the tree is faithlessness.

Is not being able to believe in God revealed solely through Christ without having to believe as literally as possible in its cultural precursion in a feedback loop spiralling out of control.

Because Genesis, Jesus. Because Jesus, Genesis. In that order.

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