An Evening at Amboy

Paying a visit to the Amboy Crater in the evening inspires reflection on the vastness of God and the universe of which we are a small part.


Great article! Every time I go to that spot for imaging the sky never stops to amaze me. It’s always nice to hear fellow Angelinos go out there. Some of my best telescopic astrophotos were taken from that exact parking lot you set up… including:

This image of the Pleiades from my 8" Telescope

And I also captured a Geminid remnant when looking towards the dippers and Vegas:

Sincerely, an astrophotographer and telescope demonstrator at Griffith Observatory.

  • Anthony

Welcome to the Forum! I’m glad you liked it. I have on my bucket list “hike a volcano” and this seems like pretty low-hanging fruit in terms of a hike - I might have to pay a visit also!

Holy Cow! Beautiful pictures, man. And luvin it.

Would love to peer through a monster telescope before I graduate from this life (assuming I’m gonna pass). Don’t have a clue how to arrange that. Sorry, I’m off topic. Beautiful, stunning pictures. Congrats

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