An end to the debate about dinosaur extinction

A great article that effectively ends the debate about what killed the dinosaurs. Was it the Yucatan asteroid, or volcanism in India?

I’ll let those better versed in geology - @gbob, @Joel_Duff, @davidson, et al. - weigh in with more informed reactions. But what struck me, pun intended, was the fact that an asteroid strike in Yucatan was related to the volcanism in India. Perhaps I should have made a shout out to the physics profs among us - @pevaquark and @heddle. The impact in Mexico was directly opposite the Deccan Traps of modern India. The shockwave that caused a crater in the Gulf of Mexico traveled through the globe and caused uplift on the opposite side. Pretty amazing, unless my gut reaction is totally off base.

Edit: I should add the link to the original paper, for the sticklers among us:

Jay. I’ve always thought that. Chicxulub caused the Deccan Traps, or at least massively intensified them by orders of magnitude. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Of course, this can only help the helpable ; )

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Many of us (geologists) suspected the Indian volcanism was related to the Chicxulub impact - the link has long been plausible. But the evidence needed to move from plausibility to (near) certainty has always been daunting, so I did not expect the question to ever be resolved. I will follow the new work with interest and expectation!


But we ALLLLLL know they couldn’t get in the ark!

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