An Advertisement I Received, for a Biblical (maybe) Board Game

Does anyone here have any information or thoughts on this product beyond what is contained herein (no, I have not watched any of the videos)? If so, what exactly is this promoting? And who is producing this?

Finally a Christian Strategy Board game worth looking forward to!

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Why back the Flood?

  • Get the Beasts Module for Free! (Only for Kickstarter Backers!)
  • The Flood has both wooden meeples and plastic miniatures!
  • Theologically sound strategic gameplay! (a game filled with allegory)
  • A variety of Ark designs unlocked by the amount of players backing the game! (Arks inspired by cultures around the globe)
  • Beautiful art you won’t believe could be in a board game!
  • The Flood is controlled by the game itself! (Race against players and the Flood!)
  • This game is a useful ministry tool in the hands of a Christian!

At least the ark in the picture doesn’t have a bulbous bow. XD

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On Kickstarter it says it’s being produced by Bedouin Games.

Their facebook page says:

Bedouin Games is a Christian game maker/publisher based out of California. We strive to bring Bible stories to live through table top games. Our goal is to continue making games that inspire people of all ages.

I’m not sure how this would work as a “ministry tool” – but long, involved strategy games like Catan are not my thing, so maybe this would appeal to the same kinds of people that like those games.


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