Admin note: two small forum changes


Two small changes have been made to the Forum, all other things remaining the same.

  1. BioLogos Articles will now no longer be placed in the “Blog Post” Category, and will just be posted in the open forum, alongside every other forum post. You will still be able to distinguish them, they will still all begin with “New Article.”

  2. We have removed the auto-close feature on posts. (It has been closing after 3 days of inactivity.) This will allow for people to revisit topics that have been closed to contribute after the initial discussion has been had. Please use this new privilege wisely, and allow topics to die out naturally. Moderators will still continue to close/end discussions at their discretion according to Forum Guidelines if necessary. The intent of this change is especially for things like articles and podcast content, conversation can continue if someone stumbles across that content on the website long after it has been published.

Thank you for your support and participation on the forum. We hope that these changes will enhance your user experience.

Digital Content Specialist


If anyone would ever like a thread that has been locked by Discourse to be re-opened, PM @moderators with a link to the thread and we can take care of that for you.