Addressing the universality of antievolutionism among Dallas’s Campus ministries

I am pooped driving this town trying to understand antievolutionism in Dallas.
It’s all over the churches because of a local seminary providing their pastors and two apologetics organizations hosting conferences, well, actually three.

But I really hoped groups like Intervarsity would be different on campus.

Nope. They outsource issues related to science and faith to one of the apologetics groups.

Everybody in this town who is evangelical and in ministry in church or on campus is antievolutionist.

I have to radically accept that. Baylor is my final refuge as an EC. My only refuge.

I heard a question from a student named Lucy at an apologetics thing run by an antievolutionist church here.

A question about science and faith and her nonbelieving professor.

I don’t want Lucy to be shaken by evolutionary ideas, but the ministers around me are fighting to protect her from them.

And those ministers regularly fly in national names to attack the university biology departments.

Lucy is my focus. But she is being influenced by many people.

What should I do as just one person trained in the history of the controversy?

My first idea is to survey the army of antievolutionist ministers.

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Your first idea is not correct. Your first idea must be to establish your and Lucy’s faith on the Solid Basis, Jesus Christ Who is the Logos through Whom were created all creatures. See John 1:1 and following.

Once we see that our faith is built on Jesus the Christ, and not on the Bible, then things will fall into place. You might also point out that Jesus indicated God the Father sis nit create the universe in 6 days, See John 5:17

Wow, that must be frustrating! I hope you can find some good resources to help her, I’m sure this community has many.

We have a curated package of articles with student and professor stories, as well as basics of EC on our website here:

Hope these can be helpful to you in helping not only Lucy but reaching more students!