Addressing the mischaracterization of natural selection as random at Watermark Church

How does this sound for the Great Questions apologetics discussion at Watermark church here in Dallas?

Directed at the apologists themselves, trained by a man who went to antievolutionist Biola

“I get the opposition to evolution. A pastor told me it was about there being a literal Adam and a Fall. To have Christ as the last Adam.

But I think evolution, or natural selection as a mechanism, is being mischaracterized as random and by chance.

The creation of variation is by chance.

But natural selection was taught to me at Yale as a non random process.

The truth shall set you free. Why do Christians mischaracterize evolution?”


Greetings, @jbabraham88,

Please explain or refer to a website that explains the non random process of natural selection.

Natural Selection is in truth a non-random process, but science has failed to adequately describe this process, which Darwinism calls survival of the fittest. If you call the struggle for existence a scientific process, you need to know the basis of this order, so it is not for all practical purposes “random.”

For your information most biologists say that evolution is not powered by natural selection, but by genes or variation. If then variation is random, which it is, then evolution is also random.

But the variation is run through the filter of natural selection which discards some and leaves others alone. This selection process is not random but is based on differential survival (or survival of the fittest). So evolution as a whole is not random. At least as I understand it.

Differential survival is NOT 1) an explanation, and/or 2) a description of a process. What it says is something happens and some species survive and others do not. It does not say How that process takes place and Why some survive and others do not, so who is to say that it is random or not.

It is circular thinking because it cannot be falsified or proven true or false… .

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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