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This category is for threads discussing scientific evidence, whether about evolution, the age of the Earth, or any other scientific topic related to origins.

(Bill Wald) #2

Google “definition of ‘history’” and every entry at least infers that word refers to past generations of humans. Traditionally, degrees in history were granted in colleges of the arts, not colleges of science.

Why do some people think pre-history is “scientific?” “Modern” people seem to think that any topic that uses expensive equipment is “science.” Why?

About 100 years ago the definition of “science” was argued by Karl Popper and Ludwig Wittgenstein. The topic evolved and went beyond my understanding but Popper’s original argument was that a statement can’t be logically said to be true if it can’t be falsified . . . and I agree 100%. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” is a philosophical statement but not a scientific statement.

Statistical analysis is a tool of science but is math, not science. Digging up and measuring old bones is not “science” because the results can’t be falsified.

Further, Newton thought he was discovering “God’s Laws.” Newton’s laws only hold true for a very narrow physical range of measurement, say between the ability of a “student” optical microscope and the size of this solar system. For big stuff and small stuff, God’s Law as determined by Newton doesn’t hold true.