A song for Saturday - Maker of the Moon

For my birthday, my husband listened to 500 indy Christian songs and made me a playlist of the best 100.

I was listening to it today while I am doing a little home improvement project, and this one struck me as a great BioLogos community song of worship in contemplation of the natural world.

So here it is for your listening pleasure, since I’m pretty sure most of the bands on this playlist are not going to be found unless you go looking for them.

Maker of the Moon, by Bright City


What is an “indy Christian song”? I take it the song shared is by the group “Bright City” (great song, by the way! - I like all the shooting stars in the video).

“Indie” is just independently produced, not signed by a major record label. So you probably will never hear them on the radio.

And I think it’s probably indie not indy. I’m confused with the Indy 500 I guess.

Thanks! As far as the quality of music goes, you could have fooled me - it sounds very professional (to the extent that being ‘professional’ can be taken as a compliment which is my intent here.) What a cool birthday present!


Here is the playlist if anyone else wants to benefit from all those hours of scouring YouTube.

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Stumbled on your post this morning, Christy, and much appreciated being pointed to ‘Maker of the Moon’. So, heartfelt thanks. A few years ago, a TV programme about the moon, in which the presenter claimed its relative position and size is merely a ‘cosmic coincidence’, prompted the writing of the following…which may be relevant to the song.


The moon, at times, obscures the sun
And hides it from our vision
Who so ordained it’s size and place
With such exact precision?

When earth and sun and moon align
We see celestial treasure
The moon appears to match the sun
As though of equal measure

The moon, if closer to the earth
Would, to the sun, seem vaster
Or, if it’s path were more remote
The sun would seem the master

These bodies so positioned are
Each unto the other -
The silver moon my sister
The golden sun my brother -

That when coincidence we see
Though rare are such occasions
We think upon eternity
And question our persuasions

But some dismiss this holy sign
This great cosmic alignment
Meaninglessness is their creed
To them, such music’s silent

Their ears, with prejudice are stopped
Since randomness their ruler
Chance is their ancestry of all
Could anything be crueler?

Yet children’s ears are well attuned
Unto such declaration
In sophistry untutored, they
Receive such revelation

For when the skies at night are bright
With myriad constellations
They hear the symphonies of God
And know divine elation

The earth, and sun; the moon and skies
Are redolent with glory
And age to age and east to west
Proclaim a wondrous story

And chaos cannot of itself
Father forth such order
Great orchestration has occurred
The work of a composer


Thanks for sharing! It’s not too early to start making your plans for the next huge (North American) eclipse: April 8, 2024.

I’m cuing it up right now and wondering … How the heck do you get 959 views in less than a month?

The playlist you mean? It was last updated in April because Aaron adds songs as he finds new ones, but my birthday was January 4th. And who knows how many times he looked at it while making it.

Yes, the playlist. The Youtube channel was created April 6, so I assumed that was your birthday. Wait … you mean 959 views doesn’t mean 959 people? The internet is so confusing! haha

Enjoying it so far. Your hubby has good taste. (You get no credit.) I’ll let you know which ones my wife and I stole …

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I live right in the middle of the path in central Texas, so might could put some of you guys up. Weather is always an issue that time of year.

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