A snort not a jab

Interesting article of a vaccine being developed that is given as a nasal spray. it appears to just be entering trials, not sure which phase, but offers promise not only perhaps to adjunct with existing vaccines, but due to stability and ease of use should be helpful in undeveloped countries. Do you think a nasal spray would find greater or lesser acceptance in the anti-vax crowd? It is a little worrisome just reading as it is an engineered bird virus.

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Interesting… a few years back our pediatrician’s office was offering nasal mist flu vaccine for kids, but then they discontinued it the next year, I think because it wasn’t as effective. Hopefully this will have better results.

Not a jab either. :wink:


I’m not sure but I would be fascinated to find out. Would, for example, a spray been seen as less bodily invasive than a nasal spray? Additionally, it would be interesting to find out whether there is a mental association between injection and vaccination?

Certainly, I know some people who were less concerned about vaccinating their children when it is apply orally (polio?) than as an injection (eg. MMR).

This is not the only project trying to develop an intranasal vaccine. There is at least another project in Finland.

The approach is promising but the Finnish project has had difficulties in getting funding. The reason for this is that they are not planning to earn money with their nasal spray. The technology will be freely available to any country needing it, royalty free. No exclusive patent, no royalties = big medical companies are not interested to invest money in expensive clinical trials.

There might be an interesting situation if the Finnish project is the first to develop an accepted intranasal vaccine but some other project tries to get a patent for this kind of vaccines and royalties from selling the vaccine.

The irony is that while it seems less invasive, it is a living virus you snort rather than a killed virus particle or in the case of mRNA, a short length of code for a single viral protein. (Same with the polio vaccine which was an attenuated strain of polio, though different in that this is an engineered avian virus. Since it works through the upper airway mucosa, it seems to have promise of doing well against the Delta variant, though who knows where we will be with that by the time it is approved.
By the way, my daughter now has Covid, Fully immunized, breakthrough. Says it is like a bad cold with a “sunburn of her sinuses” consistent with the predilection of the virus for the upper respiratory tract.


It is interesting isn’t it, human psychology, that somehow a vaccination delivered system seems to impact some people’s views more than the actual content of the vaccine.

Sorry to hear that. Praying for a speedy recovery.

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I wasn’t that familiar with the NDV vaccine vector, so I did some quick reading. This paper from 2007 has a bit of foreshadowing:

The NDV vaccine vector has been in use for 20 years, so the technology is quite mature.


I checked what type of nasal vaccine the Finnish project has. The DNA sequence coding S protein of the SARS-CoV-2 is put into an adenovirus vector.

I did not find information of what adenovirus they are using but I guess all adenovirus serotypes are relatively similar.

All nasal sprays against covid are not vaccines. I found information telling that a local company has combined aprotinin, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to a nasal spray that acts as a precautionary drug against covid (patent pending in USA).

Of course that has no evidence it works, I bet. Ivermectin studies have been mixed so far, so that if it has an effect, it is so weak it is hard to identify.

I have not heard of clinical test results. So, probably no evidence.

“The scientific basis of the patented invention is to prevent virus replication on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract in three different ways. Protease inhibitors prevent the attachment of the virus to the cell surface and its access to the cells on the mucous membrane of the nose. The neutralisation of intracellular acidic environments can prevent both viral escape from endosomes and viral protein modification in the Golgi apparatus of the cell. As the novel drug is designed to have effect on three different cellular mechanisms it is likely to be effective against various mutations of SARS-CoV-2 as well as other enveloped viruses infecting humans via nasal mucosa.”

All rhetoric, no evidence sited. Just science-y words. Know of any actual studies or trials or just anecdotes? There are some poorly done studies that show a little improvement with ivermectin, but nothing you can really depend on. I understand how it is easy to hope for an effective treatment, but ultimately the data has to be there. Here is a short YouTube that is optimistic for its usefulness but measured in where things are at present on that one particular component: Summary of 14 articles suggest Ivermectin could have benefit but low powered studies, unable to compare with other therapies because US people already have strong opinions and likely wouldn’t want to be randomized or international countries have already been using so hard to find treatment naive individuals. Hydroxychloroquine does not improve mortality. Ongoing research is allowed for both. But prescribing is not recommended. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6Thfq47Hfvs

Yeah. Although in this case, the company does not claim that the drug is a treatment to covid infection. It’s marketed as a precautionary drug that prevents virus invasions through the upper respiratory tract. The company suggests that it could be used for example, in situations where you have to wait before you get a vaccine or before the vaccine provides full protection.

If covid has already invaded the body, the drug is practically useless, except if it could reduce the amount of virus in the upper respiratory tract. This would reduce the probability that the patient will spread the virus.

Ivermectin does not have FDA approval, emergency use or otherwise, for preventing or treating COVID-19.

If people are using ivermectin to prevent COVID-19 then they are taking an experimental drug, a reason often falsely cited for not getting the FDA approved vaccine that has gone through multiple clinical trials for preventing COVID-19.

I think they would probably say that the nasal spray contains microscopic robots that will enter your brain and mind control you, turning you into a slave of the Deep State.


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