A secular case against the materialist worldview

Iain McGilchrist who wrote the book The Master and His Emissary has been giving a number of interviews on his new book, Th Matter With Things. In this clip he makes a case that a mechanistic, reductionist and materialist worldview is not compelled by either science or reason. As an unnecessary view point, he goes on to point out ways it is one that is actually unreasonable to hold. The clip comes from a ninety minute video of one of the better interviews I’ve seen him give, a testimony to the young interviewer who obviously has a good command of McGilchrist’s ideas. If you look at this four minute clip a link to the full video will be provided below. You might find some of the interviewer’s questions very sharp and helpful as well.

@jstump, I would love to get your impressions if you have the time. If there is interest, I’d be happy to take the snips to it in other places as well.

*In case it doesn’t begin at the 58:00 minute mark or end at the 1:01:00 mark, that had been my target. But I’m new at extracting clips. Drat indeed I am apparently only able to take a sixty second clip but if you back it up to 58:00 and let it run 4 minutes I think you may like it. It is certainly religion and Christianity -friendly, even if he himself is not a believer.


Looks like a good speaker. Thanks. “Awe and wonder”–I like the poetry.


He is often introduced as a polymath having studied literature, philosophy, medicine and psychiatry. He is a big fan of poetry too.


Fascinating! Suddenly I recall the “heretical” musings of Thomas Nagel…

Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to give this a watch!

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