A fun quote about evolutionism

“…it is baldly asserted by evolutionists that the ‘fact’ of evolution has ‘proven’ God unnecessary. This is as if the fact of the piano and the physics of vibrating strings ‘proves’ there is no need for the pianist, as the music has been completely explained by the acoustics.”

  • by Michael Flynn

But if God exists and is the source of being, then he is the source of falling apples and the ability of sodium and chlorine to form salt. IOW, there is no need to suppose something is =unlikely= in order reason toward God. Aquinas did not. The likely things that we think we understand pretty well also receive their being from him. So the evolution of the flagellum is hard to figure. But unless it just poofed into existence, it must have emerged from pre-existing matter; and if it emerged from pre-existing matter that matter had some form, and it merely has been transformed into another form. And if it has been transformed, there is a physical series of operations by which it transformed. It may or may not have been natural selection; but it was surely natural. (such as ecology.)

Quote from article The End of Darwinism Evolution. See above

There are a number of quotable gems in there…Flynn can turn a phrase.


And that is why BioLogos now exists… to put the lie to this kind of misrpresentation.

BioLogos requires the presence of God…

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